At Crossfit Segovia, LLC, we know that nutrition + fitness = wellness. That’s a winning equation when applied consistently with determination. We provide the CrossFit box, the expertise, and the community that provides support to reach your fullest potential. We offer a program that suits your needs in a manner that is safe, effective, and fun! Take the first step by calling us at 305-585-4590 and get started today. We serve the northeast Indianapolis area. Every athlete need supplements and with Bodybuilding Coupon Code you will save money on all supplements

CrossFit Is for You If…

  • you want to be an active part of a healthy, fun, supportive community;
  • your long-term health is a worthy investment;
  • you can commit to three or more hours of training per week; and
  • you are willing to log your food and change your diet when necessary.

The community at Inner Strength is made up of athletes of all fitness levels and ages in the Indy area. Our professional coaches are able to offer individual attention because we cap our class size at 12 people per coach. CrossFit builds strength and endurance, making a complete package of a healthy body and healthy mind. Try a Vitamin World Coupon from BodyBuildingpromocode or

How We Approach Health and Fitness

Fitness Assessment


Whether you are working exclusively with one of our coaches or taking part in a group class, the journey at Inner Strength starts with a thorough examination of your present goals and needs.

CrossFit Workout Plan


Once we know where you want to go and where you’re starting from, our expert staff and coaches will help you choose the right path and start planning the best strategy for you to acheive the goal.

CrossFit Workout


The best CrossFit program and coaching in the world is useless without action. This is where you come in. Consistency and real effort will pay off over time. Results are not guaranteed. They are earned.

Fitness Results


Our goal is to see you reach yours. We will regularly measure your CrossFit progress against specific objectives, always looking to update and improve your personal prescription.

Our Commitment

We are committed to…

  • providing members with the best possible coaching and programming;
  • consistently improving our customer service;
  • treating all members equally and fairly; and
  • maintaining an open door policy – if something needs to change, let us know.

Your Commitment

As a member of our Indianapolis CrossFit box, we expect you to listen to and communicate openly and honestly with our coaches; be a supportive, active member in class and in training; hold yourself to a high standard; and challenge yourself to “become comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Don’t spend one more day of your life wishing you felt or looked better. Give Indy CrossFit a try. Check out our WOD, FAQs, schedule, and specials for more information. But ultimately, you need to get started! Do that today by calling 305-585-4590.